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Split Shadows Effect

Do you sometimes kinda get bored with your everyday makeup look? Like you just sweep on your nude or brown eye shadow, blend then apply eyeliner? I kinda do sometimes. So I was playing around and tried some sort of a fun look wearable for daytime or nighttime. So I kinda gave my daily neutral look or smokey brown makeup with a twist and a bit of a drama and effect.
I call this eye makeup look, the Split shadow Effect. It's basically a smokey eye makeup but the eyeliner tails don't meet but intead split in parallel lines.
Firstly, I just do the usual neutral eye makeup look. I applied a

Last Minute Costume Play Makeup Look: Masquerade Mask

Preparing a costume party might be an added burden to some. Others may not have the time for it, too. So, here's a last minute makeup look you can easily pull off within a few minutes with a few materials and no props or accessories needed. This post will be how to do a masquerade mask right on your face.

Some may say just buy a mask from the craft store and that's it. But, where's the thrill to that? If you opt, you can

A MAGster for the YOUNGster

The sky is blue, the breeze is cool, and the whole stretch of the Phnom Penh riverside view is alluring. Handsome young boys and beautiful girls in their trendy and stylish attires are everywhere. A large back drop of the magazine is on one side and people take turns for photo taking. Thirst quenching drinks and yummy colorful cupcakes are being served to the guests and participants. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon (18th October) at

My First Flormar Cosmetics Haul

Flormar Cosmetics recently opened their store here in the Kingdom and it is honestly my first time to hear about this brand. They have stores in the Philippines but I've never heard about it until I came here in Cambodia.

So because I am one makeup addict gal, I went on and made my first purchase from their store and here's what I got.

3 Simple Things (People Ignores) That Make Women Happy

There are just some points in life when we, women, feel crushed, squeezed, down and  drained. Relationship arguments and break ups, work related stress, and even our selves may cause us to break down and cry. However, no matter how big and destructive these storms are, we can pull our selves back together, stand up, fight back and start all over again. Recovering from a disaster doesn't require massive, complicated and hard to find solutions. These solutions are actually very common, just lying around and easy to find people just tend to ignore. FOOD, SHOPPING and RELATIONSHIPS may just be simple things but they

Quick Review: Missha Cambodia Current Makeup Collection

I have previously shared with you my current Missha Cosmetics skincare set. And now, I want to show you the makeup collection set from this same brand. Whenever I buy makeups from a brand, I usually purchase a complete set that includes items for the face, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips. I am sort of a perfectionist maybe that I always want things to be complete and in order. So here are what I have got from Missha:

NYX Cosmetics Collection and Review

NYX cosmetics fills up about 50% of my makeup collection. It is one of the great quality beauty kits with reasonable prices that I have tried. They are budget friendly to consumers but don't sacrifice the quality. In this post, I am showing my current NYX Cosmetics makeup collection and what I generally think about them.
I have at least 2 or more products for each areas of the face from the cheeks to the eyes to lips. Most of the products here were bought by my own money and some were given by the generous NYX Cosmetics Cambodia during a makeup guesting event. Some of the items I bought from the Philippines and some were purchased from NYX Cambodia.
First photo up there are face products I love and use everyday. They are:

Quick Review: Missha Cosmetics Cambodia Skincare Collection

I have been obsessed to skin care products lately and after consuming my Etude House Moistful set, I had to get a new one. I didn't repurchase because I wanted to try another brand. And just when I was looking for what brand to choose, Missha Cambodia had a 50% promo sale. 

Here's another Korean Skincare and Cosmetics brand which may not be new to you, Missha. A complete Korean skincare regimen is composed of at least 8 products (I think) and completing that set would cost me a fortune. So I only chose the items I thought I needed. And here's the list:

Quick Review: Mistine Cosmetics Thailand

Mistine is a direct selling cosmetics company from Thailand. It is my first time to hear and try this brand when I came here in Cambodia. Mistine is very similar with Avon where in they have a wide range of products not only for beauty concerns but also for health and home and lifestyle.
I have seen independent sellers for this brand on facebook but they were mostly for pre-order basis as they will still be coming from Thailand. I had tried posting orders from one famous online shop but didn't get good results as they had me waiting but nadda. Nothing came. And then finally, I found a visible and tangible cosmetics shop that sells Mistine items-----> Lum Orng Cosmetic Online Shop. I went ahead to look for the address. As soon as I entered the shop, a lady with a warm smile welcomed me. Chovy, Lum Orng's sister (owner of the shop), showed me all the items and let me try them all with the testers. Since then, I have been a regular customer of theirs because they're custo…

Berry Vamp Fall Autumn Makeup Look

Although the four seasons do not occur here in the tropics, it is being used to categorize trends in beauty and fashion. Fall or autumn has arrived in their respective regions and so here's an autumn makeup look inspired by the rich and bold berry cherry colors.

This look creates fierce and vicious vampire eyes with bold red lips.

4 Products that Must Always be in your Skin Care Regimen

Skincare must be considered a necessity. If your body needs proper diet and exercise for health maintenance, so does your skin needs proper skin care. Here's a list of fundamental products you must have to properly care for your skin.
1. Cleanser  Whether it may be a foam, cream, milk or oil, whatever the form is, facial cleansers must be a staple in your your skin care regimen. After a long day of wearing makeup, exposure to dust and smoke and accumulated oil,  all these gunks must be

What would be suitable to wear when visiting a casino?

What would be suitable to wear when visiting a casino? 
Casinos around the world have seen a large boost in people visiting and there is one major reason behind this, online casinos. Since the internet and mobile gaming devices have become more readily available, online casinos such as Gaming Club have become part of people's everyday lives. 

With this in mind, many people like the idea of playing the same casino games in a land based casino as it offers a different environment an atmosphere. So the same people will then take their friends to a real casino to enjoy a night out in the same way that they would going to a bar. There is something that worries people when they first go to a casino and for many women it is the idea of what they should be wearing. Movies and TV shows often portray women wearing glamorous dresses that are hugely expensive. This is something that would make many people uncomfortable. If you?re one of them you should be glad to hear that most casinos do n…

7 Crazy Asian Beauty Trends

Look at photos of Asian models of some clothing line in Asia.  Look at Asian selfies on Instagram. Also try watching Kpop and Jpop girl's group music videos if you haven't yet. What do you notice?
Yep, if you agree with me, these Asian women in this visuals  look like they all came from one clan. I don't know about you but I have noticed that many Asian women look alike each other whether they are from China, Korea, to Singapore. They all seem to share at least one physical feature. From this observation, I thought that Asia's beauty trend must have something to do with this.
Here are some Asian Beauty trends I have compiled that I thought makes

My Vanity Set Up

I lalalalove my current vanity table set up for makeup. A sleek  white table with a foldable mirror and shelves on the side and a white comfy cube. Bright day light lamps for proper lighting. Cozy carpeted floor, with ambient lights around. But, alas! It's

Current Skin Care Products

When it comes to beauty with health, I think it is wise to invest on skincare products rather than on cosmetics. Natural is more beautiful than artificial aesthetics. This time, I am on the journey of trying and looking for the best skin care set for me. My skin is in a bad condition now. I still can't figure out what causes my break outs. There are times my skin is in a good shape but there are times it goes bad. But anyway,  I would like to share with you current skincare products I am using which I hope would battle out this ugly pimple marks and spots.Here are they (not in a specific order):

How to do the eyebrows with NYX Cake Brow Kit

I still feel bad about my lost Look Beauty Brow Kit during a trip in Kampot Province. As an alternative, I got this NYX Brow Cake Powder. NYX Cosmetics Cambodia had a 5 hour sale I took this chance to purchase items I need. So here's a brow makeup video I made using this kit.

My Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom would be one of my favorite places. It is where I get peace, relaxation, mental refreshment and rejuvenation. It is the de-stressing portion of the house apart from my bed. This is where you will find my essential products for cleansing and refreshment.

It's a prank! Thalia confirms ribs removed

Thalia didn't forget her Filipino fans to whom she directly addressed her shocking Instagram video which is trending now. Thalia posted on her Instagram account a slideshow of her with a jar containing her ribsas souvenirs she had intentionally removed to get a smaller waist.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Swatches

Lip colors can change your mood and attitude impression. From light to bright to deep and dark hues, it can change your look. Here I have NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils with four different shades. I have got Iced Coffee, Fuschia, Hera and Deep Red.

NYX Cosmetics Koch Pich Now Open

NYX Cosmetics Cambodia is dominating over the kingdom. They have just opened their new branch at Koch Pich or Diamond Island. This will not only be a makeup store but

I played at NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetic Fair

As I've posted before, I was invited by NYX Cosmetics Cambodia to do a makeup show for the Cosmetics Fair held at Aeon Mall, Phnom Penh from 15th- 23rd July. Here's what happened...

Why you should regularly clean your makeup brushes

Makeup artistry is such a wonderful world of beauty, colors and creations. Painting beautiful faces with vivid colors and hues is what I love to do. Striding my brushes unto delicate skins and transforming them to gods and godesses is a skill innate in me. Truly, makeup artistry is my passion. However, it can be a pain in the

Something will happen at Aeon Mall

It was 1:20 am on a Saturday morning when I received an unexpected email. The unfamiliar sender asked how I was. And he had an irresistible request I just couldn't say no. I looked at the signature and my eyes just widened out. My jaw dropped. My heart stopped. My fingers froze on my phone. Well,

Why I love and hate June

June had been a critical month for me. Tried changing workplace, moving to a new apartment and stuff. Paid bills and other expenses and it was so hard on the pocket. However, Jehovah's still good and still blesses me and helps me to cope up with everyday's challenges. Despite the hard situation this month, I would not

How to do the perfect cat eyes

Cat eyes make you look fierce and perhaps wild. Here's a quick video I made using a product that's famous in Thailand. It is endorsed by Thai model Min Pechaya Wattanamontree . It is

Tip for a sweat proof and long lasting makeup

Partying is never fun without dancing. However, sweat can be your enemy after all those hip breaking and head bangin' moves and can ruin your makeup. But, here's a sweat and smudge proof makeup look that'll make you still look gorgeous until the break of dawn. The key to a long lasting makeup are

Work Office Makeup

Show them who's the boss. Nicely arched and groomed brows to show authority, black lined eyes with flattering lashes for a tough look, and red lips for femininity. Here's another

No Makeup makeup for school

School makeup should be light and natural as if you aren't wearing any makeup. Just a touch of BB Cream and CC cream as base on skin to make it bright and glowing. Brows are nicely groomed and

The Perfect Gift for My Perfect Dad on Father’s Day

Give dad the best gift there is because he simply deserves nothing but a recliner made by the premium USA brand, La-Z-Boy. With top-rate padding, resilient cushions, wear-tested fabrics and state-of-the-art frame construction, relaxation is just a blink away. Find the recliner that

Where to stay in Cambodia

Cambodia maybe very behind with globalization but it is now slowly developing and catching up. Its unpleasant past has left the country in a poor state but its natural aesthetic has remained raw and untouched. Within the kingdom lies a beautiful yet still unknown province of Kep.

Cambodia celebrated their

PAC Cosmetics Makeup Competition

"PAC or Professional Artist Cosmetics by Martha Tilaar was created on August 1997 as the pioneer of professional Asian makeup. PAC'S creation was envisioned by Dr. Martha Tilaar to fulfill the needs of professional makeup artists starting from stage makeup, to bridal  and high fashion .
PAC is The Art of Makeup, expressing character through colors and style in makeup." -PAC Cosmetics
With this description, PAC will be holding a

Let's scream tangerine!

Summer has arrived here in Asia and nothing else comes into my mind except the sun, sea and sand ---> the beach!!! And to match this seasons sizzling temperature is tangerine beauty! Forget eye shadow and just pop on a bright orange lipstick and blusher and your good to go. Here are some of my makeup picks with photo above: for the lips, Sleek Makeup True color Lipsticks in Tangerine Scream and Papaya Punch, Barry M Lipsticks in #54 and #151, Sleek Paint Pout in Peachy Keen, and Models Own Matt Hyperbrite in Orangeade. For the blush, I got Sleek Makeup Blush in Lace and Rose Gold, and a cream blush from ELF in Superstar.
Here are some photos from

Fashion Post 1: Denim Love

Denim is has never left the fashion trend ever since. It transforms, reincarnates and relives everytime. Here's my fashion

How to brighten up dark skin in 10 minutes

It's summer time in Asia and the climate in a tropical country is so freaking hot! Cambodia has so far reached 37 degrees Celsius as the hottest, if I am right. Motorbikes are one of the main transportation here and travelling under the heat of the sun is darkening to the skin. I am so sensitive to the sun's heat my skin easily darkens even only after a few minutes of staying outdoors. However, I can now easily get my fair complexion back in minutes with

Nyx Cosmetics Cambodia Haul

Nyx Cosmetics Cambodia had a sale from March 14-16 from 10-20% off depending on your purchase. Of course, as a makeup addict, I didn't let the promo just pass by without buying anything. The 3 day sale was on for all items in all NYX stores. Nyx stores can be


Winter is nearly finished and it's time to welcome and embrace the warmth and colors of spring. Valerie Williams of Paul Fredrick has already published her list of wardrobe styles for 2014 Spring.
"With the polar vortex (hopefully) behind us and spring approaching, it’s time to update your wardrobes accordingly. 2014’s spring fashion is balanced between bold and subdued, modern and retro–making it simple to keep with the times while staying true to your personality. Here are some key style trends to keep in mind as you revamp your wardrobe for the changing weather. Retro casual Many designers are looking to the casual styles of the 1940s and 1950s for inspiration. Think peak lapels, spread collars and high-waisted, pleated trousers. Loose fits Men’s suits are beginning to move away from the ultra-slim cuts of recent years. This spring sees suits fitting more loosely, with softer lines and a more relaxed appearance. Floral patterns Floral patterns are shaping up to be

International Women's Day Celebration with GBG Phnom Penh

March 8th has been a fantastic day. I've explored another corner of Phnom Penh and met awesome people. In celebration of the International Women's Day, Google Business Group Phnom Penh held it's

Live Anime Girl Makeup Transformation

OISHI Comic Party 68 in Phnom Penh ! @ KIZUNA Festival has just been held today at Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which

Beauty: Kpop Inspired Makeup Look

I so love Kpop Makeup because my eye shape is similar with those wearing them. Here's another easy look using only a liquid pen liner.I used

Beauty: Violets

Violets and purples are one of my favorite shades. Here's a fun look with gold and purples. Easy to follow with step by step procedure.

Beauty: Gradient Korean Lips

Ulzzang makeup, a Korean trend, has been popular in the recent years and until now. Here's a quick mini tutorial how to achieve the famous doll like gradient lips.

1. Apply cream concealer on the lips to

Beauty: Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

More than a month has passed since when we bid goodbye to 2013 and welcomed the new year of the wooden horse, 2014. Here I have compiled the

Beauty: Kpop Inspired Eyeliner Makeup Look

I've been way too long absent from Youtube. I did't pay much attention to my channel because i felt uninspired, lazy and also busy since I moved here in the Kingdom of Wonders, Cambodia. I miss doing my passion -makeup artistry. I thought I'd post a quick and short make up tutorial here. And one of the most searched look is the kpop makeup look.  Read more to see..

Phnom Penh Designers Week 2014: SCT

Last January 24-26 had been a blast. Phnom Penh Designers Week had just recently presented 3 days of fashion show with the theme: Reinvention of Tradition at The Plantation Hotel. as a fashion blogger, I was privileged to attend the 3 days of glitz and glamour. What did I witness? Read on.

It was an honor to have been invited in the fashion shows by one of the designers who is also a Filipino designer but based here in Phnom Penh, Don Protasio. The three day fashion show was participated by 12 designers. Read my previous post about it HERE.  I will be featuring each of the designers I witnessed during the event. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the Day One due to conflicting schedule. However, I will be sharing with you the runways during Day Two and Day Three.