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Meilinda BB Cream Fairy Blink

Meilinda caters to every beauty need from skin care to make up, from head to toe. One product from their makeup line that impressed me is the BB Cream Fairy Blink makeup base. BB creams were then trending because of its moisturizing benefits with fair coverage. Most BB creams I've tried have light to medium coverage. With my flawed and blemished skin, I always needed to mix a bit of my foundation to my bb creams for extra coverage. However, with Meilinda's Fairy Blink BB Cream, it's got great coverage just like foundations do. Although it's a BB cream, the formula is also thicker and concentrated just like liquid foundations.

The Secret Goodnight Mask Cream

I or any other beauty enthusiasts and experts can never stress enough how important skincare is. Prevention to skin problems is the key, treatments and solutions are secondary. Goodnight Brightening Mask by The Secret House can just do both.
Although manufactured in Thailand, the formula was created from South Korea, the heart of Asian skincare. This cream can prevent skin problems like darkening, drying and dark spots from breakouts. Even when the problems are already present, it serves as a healing and brightening agent that erases dark spots and skin blemishes.

Pobling Facial Cleanser Brush

Getting our facial skin squeaky clean before we go to our beauty sleep is as essential as brushing our teeth. Washing with just our bare hands may not completely take all the makeup, oils and dirt off from our face. Thus, Habalan came up with Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser.
Pobling by Habalan is an effective yet pocket friendly alternative to the well known yet costly Clarisonic cleansing brush. Pobling works with the same concept of sonic vibration cleansing with soft micro bristles that buffs out deep seated dirt, make up residue and oils. Just like other electronic brushes, the head is replaceable and it is powered by Triple A batteries.

Thai Trade Show 2016 to Happen in Cambodia

Together with Cambodia's growing economy, big events are happening in the country's capital, Phnom Penh. The Thai Trade Show is taking place in the city for four days from June 23rd to 27th at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center. Hundreds of brands and companies from Thailand will be displaying and introducing their products and services to the Cambodian market. Various enterprises are joining the scene from food, to clothing brands, to skin care to beauty products and more!

Onnbaby Nessy Choice Lashes

A glamour look is never complete without lashes. It just like a living room looking naked without curtains. Thai's beauty blogger collaborated with Nessychoice and came up with these beautiful, light as hair, and looking like real lashes but are 100% handmade mink lashes.
Two styles I got are Love Struck and To-Die-For packaged in sturdy and hard plastic containers in cute pink cardboards. As far as I know, mink lashes are lasting and re-usable for multiple times as compared to ordinary lashes. I tested these Nessychoice lashes and they are light as if I'm not wearing anything on my lids. Also, the bands are durable they don't easily bend and break which assures multiple usage.

Natch Sun Spray UV Protection

Summer is almost over. However, that doesn't mean that we should also stop protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Retain protection by always having a sunscreen in hand like Natch Sun Spray. Natch Sun Spray is a sun screen product contained in a compressed canister for a very handy application. It has UV protection of 50 Pa+++ with 50 g net weight. Natch Sun Spray contains micronized Titanium Oxide to optimize reflection of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Each particle is coated with silicone for easy spread and dispersion on the skin.

W7 Lipstick Mattes Swatches and Review: W7 Thailand

Girls can never have enough lipsticks. Here's a collection of wonderful lipstick youmay want to add in your kit. W7 Lipstick Matts are product by W7 UK and Thailand is privileged to have their own W7 local store.W7 lipstick matts have bold rich colors. They are creamy when applied but finishes matte, thus extra long staying as compared to your average lipstick. The sweet, candy like scent of each tubes is appealing that you might want to bite and taste a chunk. Haha! Truly, these lipsticks smell like yummy cakes! I got sent 8 beautiful colors that can be mixed and matched with whatever theme or look you desire. It has got naked and beige shades that can match neutral or natural makeup looks to intense smokey eyes. It has got bold red shades for any sophisticated look you want to create. It includes popping bright pinks and lavenders for a daring candy look.

Reasons Why You Need Chia Seeds in Your Diet: Swizer Chia Seeds

Despite all the fast food, preserved, instant and other unhealthy food our generation consume today, natural and healthy food are making a trend and many health enthusiasts send a strong message to incorporate it in our daily lifestyle. One of these super foods being in the spot light these days are chia seeds.

Remi Horse Oil and 7 Herbs Shampoo and Treatment

Our hair is an important asset just as any part of the body is. Proper care and attention must also be given to it just as how much concerned we are with other  parts of our living soul. Remi Thailand aims to let us experience healthy, nourished hair and provide solutions to hair problems.

Flawless Me by Onnbaby

Flawless Me products were conceptualized and created by Thailand's famous blogger Onnbaby. The whole collection is comprised of Keep It Moist Body Lotion SPF 30 PA++, Aqua Splash Aloe Vera Moisturizing gel, Vanilla Mousse Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ and Puff-It-Up Vitamin Loose Powder. Each products is nicely packaged in attractively cartoonish boxes with fun caricatures of a girl, unicorn, palace, cakes and muffins and seas shells.

Meilinda Trio Brow Kit Eyebrow Cake Powder

Eyebrows will never be on fleek without the right products. Meilinda Trio Brow Kit is a highly pigmented and super blendable eyebrow cake powder to transform lame brows to super 3d brows on fleek. It is available in two variants, No. 1 Honey Brown and No. 2 Dark brown. One kit contains 3 shades for you to play and create wow brows. First shade is the lightest. second is medium and third is darker.

Savvy Miracle Water Drop Snail BB UV Protection

Savvy Miracle Water Drop Snail BB Cream is a primer, moisturizer, brightener, sunscreen, and anti-aging cream. This all-day pearly bright skin BB UV Protection perfectly glides onto skin providing clear and bright complexion with smooth, cotton like and powdery finish for flawless skin. According to the packaging, its an all in one products that provides multiple benefits as stated.

Sena Plankton Serum

As I always say, skin care must be prioritized over makeup. Our skin also needs nutrients and nourishment. Serum for skin is like vitamins and minerals for the body.  Sena Marine Plankton water serum concentrate is a skin care supplement that provides multiple benefits for the skin. This anti-aging serum provides life energy and vitality to the skin with Marine Plankton Stem Cells. The water serum makes the skin feel moist and smooth as it is absorbed immediately upon application. It is a basic part of a skin care regimen that refreshes and nourishes the skin. Enjoy the following results from using this product in just 7 days. It refines skin texture, moisturizes and smoothens skin. Also, it gives a radiant and glowing skin effect; tightens pores; firms matured skin. 

Costina Vampire Whitening Lotion by Nutty

Vanilla, buttermilk-like scent on the skin sounds delightful yeah? That's what's lovely with Costina Vampire lotion created by Nutty Nathamon, a famous artist in Thailand. Costina lotion doesn't just effectively moisturizes skin, but also whitens your skin and leaves a sweet and lovely scent you just might want to lick your own skin.

Aphrodite Gemstone Cosmetic

"Aphrodite gemstone cosmetic is based on heritage of Egyptian beliefs. History tells that gemstones acquire power to help in every aspect of life and enhance the well being of it's beholder."
This concept of gemstone power is applied in Aphrodite cosmetics which brings luck and blessings to its user. This is unique and my first to try cosmetic products with such beliefs. Aphrodite Group has provided yours truly 4 intriguing makeup products and I will review each of them in this post.

A Solution to Dry, Chapped Lips: Estro Lip Exfoliator and Revital Treatment

If you give attention to your face with all your facial skincare, same should be done with your lips because they're as important as your skin, too. However, most of the time, we tend to neglect our smoochie lips. Our lips get dry, chapped and cracked too and they also deserve some love. Estro Cosmetics also created a special skin care item for the lips. Besides, skin care is more important than makeup.

Estro Lip Exfoliator and Revital Treatment as the name suggests, has two products in it. One is a scrub to gently exfoliate and slough off dry lips, and then the other is the revital treatment to moisturize the lips and make it soft and plump.
Use twice or thrice a week for luscious, healthy and kissable lips!
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A Refreshing Fruit Soap You Must Try: Hataya Passion Fruit Soap

We can never deny the joy and relaxation we feel right after we take a cool or warm shower after a long, tiring and stressful day at work. Not only that shower washes off dirt, dust and sweat from our body, it also provides mental/psychological benefits like relieving anxiety, de-stressing and relaxing our tense muscles. I used to just take a normal shower after work to freshen myself up BUT after I used this certain product, I realized that choosing the right soap for a really relaxing shower also MATTERS. I got introduced Hataya Passion Fruit Soap by a friend and since then, it amped up my relaxation and destressing method.

Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

Cleansing is an essential part of skin care. It is mandatory to remove and cleanse off all dust, oil and makeup junks from our face everyday to let our skin breathe and prevent break outs. Cleansing products vary from soaps, creams, gels, foams to oil. However, some cleansing products do cause break outs, too specially with people who have sensitive skin. Personally, my skin doesn't just want any oil based products. They clog pores, thus causing pimples and acne. Good thing here's a very efficient cleansing products WITHOUT THE OIL. Gently and effectively takes off all dirt and even the most waterproof eyeliner or mascara without causing skin irritation and break out. Get to know Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing.

The Liner that'll bring the sparkle back to your eyes: Belov's Sugarbox Graffiti Glitter Liquid Liner

Glitters can never be taken away from girls and ladies. Everything that shimmers are girls best friends, just as with diamonds. A pair of unhappy and dull eyes can be instantly transformed to ecstatic and ravished  gleaming eyes with just a glitter liner. Belov's Sugar Box Graffiti Liquid Liner is the product that'll bring the sparkle back to your eyes.

A Lip Gloss that performs like a Lip Cream: Belov's Sugar Box Lip Gloss

Earth inspired hues are out and about for this year 2016's makeup trend. Nude to brown lip colors are seen every where in the runways, magazines, celebrities and makeup sites and stores. Sugar Box by Belov wouldn't let their collection be left behind with this juicy and creamy lip gloss but I consider it a lip cream.

The Mascara that'll Spread your Lashes to the Max: Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov

It's such a pain for most Asian women to have short and thin lashes. I myself envy other girls with long, thick and curly lashes that I obviously do not possess. Wearing false lashes all the time may become inconvenient with all the trimming and gluing and retouching every time. Lash extensions maybe the longest and easiest solution but could be painful in the pocket. But, worry not my fellow ladies who aim for flattering lashes for here's an easy solution to our common problem.

Sugar Box Brow Pencil for Wow Brows

Eyebrows frame the face and it should be well groomed and shaded for a neat and pleasant look. Sugar Box by Belove created lovely brow pencils to transform our brows from bad to fab. Here's why this brow pencil is my first choice over brow powders. 

A Trick to Naturally Blushing Cheeks: Sugarbox Face Blush Stick by Belov

Cream blushes create glowing cheek colors like they radiate right beneath from your skin. That's why I prefer this over powder blushes when I go for healthy and fresh looking makeup. Also one thing I love about cream blushes is that they can be multipurpose. They're not just blushers, but lip tints and or eye primers as well. Belove's Sugar Box face Blush Stick is one of my current favorites and most reached item everyday.

Soho Graffiti Eyeshadow by Belov Swatches and Review

Diamonds create the impression of class and elegance in a woman. Just as Soho Graffiti Sugar Box by Belov glitter eye shadow highlights a girls windows to the soul. This palette has 8 beautiful shimmery eye shadows that  that can be strategically used for daytime or stand out for a prom or party makeup. 

The Cushion makeup that Heals: H+ Healing Cushion Overview and Impression

Makeup is about beauty and aesthetic as seen by our eyes. It is about the glory of displaying perfection at its best, which also mean concealing what is not considered beautiful. However, according to MK Universal, Co, makeup is not about covering. It is all about HEALING. Because of this, they have spent about a year in research and science to find the right texture and right material to produce a cushion makeup that's not only about beauty but as well as "healing" or "regeneration".

Hello Eye Tape for instant bigger, rounder, and deep double lid eyes

Double lid eyes are most sought because they appear bigger, rounder, prettier and easier to apply make up with over single or monolids. Cosmetics surgery to have double lids would be a permanent and efficient remedy but not everyone can afford it. Thanks to beauty technology we have cheaper, easier and less risk alternative to transform our chinky eyes to a rounder and doll like ones.

The Lip Tint that lasts the whole day: Lip Kiss Tattoo by Bon Bon

Tinted lips are a staple in Korean/Asian makeup that radiates youth, simplicity and freshness. Here's a great product you should try when you want to take a break from your lipsticks and lip creams. These lip tints I'm pertaining to give long lasting color just like tattoos. These lip products come in four bright and fun colors. They are Passion Peach, Sunkist Orange, Candy Pink and Red Berry.  Aside from their available fun colors, they are also fun to use. Sweep on adequate amount on lips, wait for it to completely dry then peel away. See the beautiful tint it leaves after peeling. It's water proof, smudge proof and saliva proof until you clean it off with an efficient makeup remover.

W7 Mega Matte Lips Swatches and Review

Girls like me really go gaga over lip creams and lipsticks. And a girl can never have enough lip creams. When I feel like lipsticks are too much, or lip glosses are too sticky or lip balms are too oily, I opt for lip creams. And W7 Cosmetics, a UK based company creates such wonderful lip creams. Sent all the way from Thailand, I have got 5 gorgeous W7 Mega Matte Lip creams best suited for everyday makeup. I have got Two Bob, a nude-ish beige shade. Chippi, baby pink hue. Sinful, bright pink color. Oddball, similar to Chippie but deeper and darker. And Hasta la Vista, a bright red tone. 

Ver. 88 Bounce Up Pact Review

Makeup base is a staple and a must have basic i our makeup bag. It's so useful in hiding our blemishes and creating a flawless canvass for makeup. Ver 88 Bounce Pact is another hyped and one of the most talked about beauty product in Thailand and all over South East Asia.

Sugar Box Smokey Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review

Sugar Box, as sweet as it's name, are delicious and luscious cosmetics from Thailand marketed by the company, Belov the beauty lover. They market head to toe products from shampoo, to makeup to foot scrubs. Here's one product from their makeup line you might want to try, the Sugarbox Smokey eyeshadow palette.

My Kampuchea Thmey Daily Newspaper Feature

Despite the very bad experience I had during the last week of January 2016, (DSLR camera and laptop were stolen from my place), good things still happen though. God is good. =) I was contacted by Kampuchea Thmey Daily to be featured in one of their issues and here's the published article.
Kampuchea Thmey Daily is one of Cambodia's biggest and leading provider of current events,  sports, entertainment and lifestyle news in the country. It is published in the Cambodian national language Khmer on a daily basis. My feature page was published in their Lifestyle section on the January 31st to February 1st issue.
I was so surprised the featured article was almost the whole page of the Lifestyle section. It is such an honor to be talked about (by that I mean good talk or good news) in a foreign country's publication. Here's the whole page of the published issue in Khmer language. (click photo to enlarge)

Chou Foundation Blender Sponge Review

Foundation sponges have always been a hype ever since Beauty Blender. However, Beauty Blender may be a bit pricey for just a sponge. Here's a practical dupe with a friendly price but works just as the same.
Chou Thailand produces their own foundation sponge. Chou sponges are so soft, squishy and cute with adorable colors, pink and purple. Chou designed the sponge to has super smooth surface, rounded with no hard edges for smooth and flawless makeup base application.

Dr. Young Pore Eraser Balm, Perfecting BB Cream and Pore Eraser HD Powder Review

It's just hard to choose the right, safe and correct products for our skin with all the many brands sold in the market. There are just products that are too commercialized but gives no skin benefits. However, we can still spot the trusted and beneficial products by just the brand name. And you can never go wrong with a professional name--> Dr. Young. But! Dr. Young is not a doctor's name, but a brand derived from the Korean words that means "doctor, professionals in the medical field" and "young or youth and health".

Estro Lipstick Swatches and Review

A girl can never have enough lipsticks. All you makeup enthusiast would attest to this. And so, here's another awesome lipstick brand to try. Estro Cosmetics, with its name derived from the woman's hormone ESTROGEN, is a brand filled with charm, class and energy. Estro mainly markets two products: Hyaluronic lipsticks and Lip Exfoliator and Lip Revital Treatment.

Chou Mineral Protection Oil Free Facial Suncreen Review

The cold season is getting over and we will meet the hot summer soon (so far in SEA). It is just so important that we want to protect our skin from the bad effect of the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. So, the use of sunscreen must always be kept in mind.
Chou Thailand produces a must have summer product that should always be in our bags everywhere we go. Chou Mineral Protection Oil Free Facial Suncreen has an SPF50 PA+++ protection against harmful effects from the sun. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I've realized that it should always be in my bag.

Tender Perfection Serum Daily Care Review

With all the skin care products in the market, with our desire to get the most beautiful skin we can have, or at least with our desperation to get rid of our imperfections and prevent aging, we never stop looking and trying for the ultimate beauty holy grail that suits our skin and delivers the results we expect. I have used different products to my quest. There were those brands that were mildly effective long term. There were those that didn't help at all, no effects ever. There were those that just caused me break outs instead of giving benefits.

5 Reasons to Shop at Wasado Beauty

Wasado  is Cambodia's premiere marketplace that offers a wide variety of selections from the most popular brands globally. Wasado connects vendors and customers in its marketplace by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience. Wasado are always strive to offer customers the best possible offering - including multiple payment options, free returns, and extensive customer service. Wasado Beauty  is a cosmetic company under the umbrella of Wasado. It markets authentic beauty products from makeups, to skin care to accessories and tools.

BK Mask Paris Acne Mask Review

We have all been in that situation when these annoying thing called pimples or acne ever pop out of nowhere and surprise us right on top of our nose. Well, so much products out there have been created to fight and manage these little evils. Because of instagram, I stumbled into BK Mask Paris Acne mask with Tea tree Oil and Green Tea. BK Mask Paris Acne Mask is an original Thai brand by Bangkok Health Group and getting famous and well known in Thailand's beauty market. 

LiipRus Luscious Color Lipsticks Swatches and Review

LiipRus is a proud newly launched lipstick brand from Thailand late last year 2015. This collection has 14 beautiful colors that can be used for different make up moods and styles. The colors are grouped into main color families that makes you have a hard time deciding which color to use for the day! Haha! At least that happens to me.

The group colors are the browns, the oranges, the pinks, the reds and the violets.

Osvira Hydrating Cream and Beauty Face BB Cream Review

Osvira International is a new cosmetic company established in Thailand. Their products are formulated and manufactured in Korea and distributed in Thailand. Here I am going to feature and review two of their very first products, Osvira Hydrating Cream and Osvira Beauty face B.B. Cream.

6 Eye Makeup Looks with TER Cosmetics

TER Cosmetics, an authentic Thai makeup brand and company, just creates great and superb quality eyebrow products and eyeliners. I have reviewed them and you can read the post HERE. Because I like them so much, I have created 6 eye makeup looks using their products.

The eye makeup looks are as follows:
1. Natural Eyes: I just lined the upper lash line and winging it a bit to define the eyes but not overdoing to it for a softer and natural look. I used the TER Cosmetics brown gel liner pencil.

2. Simple Winged Liner: Using the I'm Matte Waterproof Pen Line, create a simple winged liner for that typical Asian eye shape.

3. Smokey Brown: Still using the Water Proof Gel liner in Brown, line upper and lower lids and then smudge it out. Blend and smoke out a brown eyeshadow over it.